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Are you a musician/band/DJ looking to make music your career?

I know it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed trying to promote your music and make a solid income in the music industry, especially when there are so many bloggers imploring you to try “these 7 tips for booking a tour” or “these 100 social networking sites to promote your music on”.  The good news is this- there are literally only four steps to take in order to “make it in music”, the same four steps that built companies like Facebook or Groupon. This is the Music Biz System. To make an actual full-time income, to be a rockstar, to teach private lessons on your instrument- whatever your goal may be, these are the four steps to follow:

THE Music Biz System

Build an amazing product. Grow your audience. Monetize the interest. Multiply all three.

Your product- whether it be an album you recorded with your band, a live show, a collection of songs you’d like published, or just teaching local kids how to play the piano, is one topic I won’t be covering much on this site. If you need help learning an instrument, starting a band, recording an album- there are hundreds of quality resources, books, and instructional guides out there for you. What you’re probably missing is tested, systematic, and organized advice on the last three steps. This is where comes in.

I will teach you how to grow your audience– how to hack Soundcloud promotion, use the same email list secrets that make information product marketers millions in revenue, get featured on huge music blogs, and build a fanatic fanbase with a deep emotional connection to you. I will teach you how to monetize your music– how to sell albums in a world where fewer people want to buy, clever tricks to maximize your streaming revenues, and proven systems to sell out live shows. And when it’s time to kick it into high gear, I’ll teach you how to multiply everything– how to create new incredible products that will have your fans dying to buy, strategies to activate word-of-mouth and double your fan base, and negotiation tactics to increase royalties and revenues.

I’ll also show you how to build the right team of businesspeople around you to help you accomplish all this and put these systems into place- you can get signed to any record label you’d like, woo an amazing booking agent, carefully select a lawyer, and create your task force of marketing/promotion gurus.

Wondering where to start? I’d recommend you check out my free 7-Step Booking Email Cheat Sheet and start working on your live game. Otherwise, you can access the blog by clicking “Latest Systems” at the top of the page!

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